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A Boneca
A Boneca


20 october . 9.30 pm

Cinema Charlot – Auditório Municipal

Ernst Lubitsch

GER, 1919, 68 min, M/12

cast Victor Janson . Ossi Oswalda . Marga Köhler . Herman Thiming

original title Die Puppe

music and live score

CABRA COR DE ROSA (Vasco Espinhal Otero . Gabriel Salvador . Vasco Carvalho)

print Murnau Institute

A timid young man buys a doll to pose as his wife, thus avoiding having to marry. The only problem is that the doll is a live woman.


Ernst Lubitsch gives us a surreal comedy, we have a woman posing as a doll posing as a woman. The Doll is a fairy tale for grown-ups and presents itself in an amusing burlesque style, where the comic lies both in the costumes and performances, as well as in the amusingly painted sets, a kind of response to the gloomy winds of expressionism that was beginning to dominate German screens.


With the sarcastic humour, a good pinch of irony and skillful insinuations – common in his works – Lubitsch “fires his revolving machine gun” on the society of the time, reaching the greed of the Church, the objectification of women, marriage as an institution and aristocracy.


Cabra Cor de Rosa is a project that consists of building soundtracks for projected scenarios, imaginary or real, solo or with invited musicians.


Music, sound design, poetry, among other sound environments can be the companion for cinema, video, photography, painting, among other forms of artistic expression.

Gabriel Salvador
Vasco Carvalho
Vasco Espinhal Otero
Cabra Cor de Rosa
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