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15 october . 4 pm

Cinema Charlot – Auditório Municipal

Joaquim Pavão

Portugal . 2023 . 73 min . M/16


live score Joaquim Pavão . Xavier Marques . Isabel Fernandes Pinto

print Joaquim Pavão

Presented at the Film Fest 2021 as the result of an artístic residency, Dentre is a work in progress.


Three musicians dialogue with a video sequence where violence is in the ethical deconstruction of lies in order to establish the basis for an oppressive system.


Dentre confronts the trivialization of violence with some open and real wounds. Being without living. As if we could cross life unscathed. How do we normalize others' suffering?



Guitar player, composer and director, worked with Janek Pfeifer, Olga Roriz, Pierre Hebert, Pedro Rodrigues, Jan Kuta, Elitza Mladenova, Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, among others.


As a cinema live score composer he scored for the films Quatro Elementos, de Janek Pfeifer, Foi o Fio, by Patrícia Figueiredo, and A Sesta, for the installation Arquiteturas de Palco, by João Mendes Ribeiro, with choreography by Olga Roriz.

As a director, developed short films Antes que a noite venha - falas de Antígona, which won several international prizes, Drama (vídeo clip), Miragem e Fios de Tempo.

Joaquim Pavão
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