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Baby Peggy
Baby Peggy
Baby Peggy

Schools Screening

18 and 19 october . 10.30 am

Cinema Charlot – Auditório Municipal

Alfred J. Goulding

"The kid reporter" (USA, 1923, 22 min)

"Carmen Jr." (USA, 1923, 15 min)

music and live score



San Francisco Silent Film Fest

Danish Institute

Diana Serra Cary, knowned in her Hollywood days as Peggy-Jean Montgomery, was considered the first Child Star of cinema and started her career with 2½-year-old, in 1921, when Century Studio casted her for the character Baby Peggy.


Between 1921 and 1924, Peggy delighted kids and grown-ups and soon everyone fell in love with this chubby-cheeked little girl as she fled burning buildings, held thugs at bay with a pistol and clung to the underside of a train.


By age 5 Peggy-Jean had made more than 150 pictures, mostly short comedies and melodramas.


Joana Rolo is a Portuguese pianist who studied in Lisbon, Krakow and Rotterdam with António Toscano, Aquiles Delle Vigne, Ewa Bukojemska, Jean-Bernard Pommier and Bart van de Roer, with whom she completed her master in performance at the Rotterdam Conservatory.


A multifaceted pianist, Joana regularly performs solo and in an ensemble and has developed projects in the fields of dance and silent cinema.

Parallel with her activity as a performer, her dedication to the cause of artistic education has been constant, which has led her to lead projects of teacher training in music and dance in Nepal, Mozambique and Myanmar.


She is currently an Ambassador of the collaborative platform "O Outro Sou Eu", supported by the National Centre for Culture.

Joana Rolo
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