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Mulheres Desagradáveis


Double Feature

21 october . 9.30 pm . Cinema Charlot – Auditório Municipal 


"Mary Jane's mishap"  (UK, 1903, 4 min)

"Rosalie and her phonograph" (FR, 1911, 4 min)

"Onésime and Mademoiselle Badinois' outfit"  (FR, 1912, 8 min)

"Rosalie moves in" (FR, 1911, 6 min)

"Zoé and the miraculous umbrella" (FR, 1913, 4 min)

"Laughing gas" (USA, 1907, 7 min)

"The New Air Fan" (FR, 1911, 4 min)

music and live score  Violeta Azevedo and Bertrand Bertrand

prints Kino Lorber


"Tilly's party"  (UK, 1911, 7 min)

"The nursemaids’ strike"  (FR, 1907, 12 min)

"Daisy Doodad's dial" (UK, 1914, 8 min)

"Cunégonde the nasty woman" (FR, 1912, 9 min)

"Victoire is on her last nerve" (FR, 1907, 3 min)

music and live score deScomposição Transitória Ambulante

(Maria do Mar and Felice Furioso)

prints Kino Lorber

Gás Hilariante
Rosalie e o fotógrafo
Mary Jane

Meet cinema’s first volatile, defiant, rebellious, wilful, and hilarious women of the silent screen, long before Keaton and Chaplin, and celebrate their wonderful adventures.


Ever since Donald Trump interrupted Hilary Clinton during a 2016 Presidential Debate, "Nasty Women" has become a global feminist rallying cry.


Yet, there is a long and robust history of women celebrating their own nastiness to speak truth to patriarchal power.


The 12 films, made between 1903-1913, are mainly comedies with lead roles for defiant girls, showing that cinematic heroines have not always been meek and beautiful.


Violeta Azevedo's universe is made of experimentation, composition and improvisation.


Using the transverse flute as the main instrument, and with her orchestra of electronic pedals, she creates worlds of surrealistic sounds.


In addition to being part of the Septeto Interregional, she worked assiduously with Aurora Pinho, Salim, Filipe Sambado, Haraem, Jasmim and Savage Ohms.


For this edition of Film Fest, Violeta invited Bertrand Bertrand, musician and performer founder of the "Menino da Mãe" project.

Violeta Azevedo


Maria do Mar

Maria do Mar de Brito Lopes is a Lisbon-based violinist, composer, teacher and activist. Maria explores alternative ways of teaching, participates in experimental, improvised music and performance projects, programming, curating, and political activism.

She has performed with several national and international artists and has participated in festivals such as MIA, Creative Fest Lisbon & Berlim, Jazz no Parque de Serralves, BCN ImproFest, Festival Urogallo at Léon, amongst others.


She has several recordings and is a member of several music projects such as Lantana, Duo Suprasónico, Mayuhma, Xentra and Fungaguinhos.


In 2019, her work was recognized with her nomination as 2019 Best Portuguese Musician or Band in

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