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14 october . 9.30 pm

Cinema Charlot – Auditório Municipal

Merian C. Cooper . Ernest B. Shoedsack

USA . 1927 . 68 min . M/12

music and live score

BRUNO TEIXEIRA (handpan, pantam, hang player)

Sunil Pariyar (bamboo flutes)

Carlos Santos

Following the fabulous “Grass a nation's battle for life”, which was shown at our last edition, Chang is a revelation – not only is it the obvious prototype for Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack's later masterpiece King Kong, but it is a terrifically entertaining film in its own right.

Shot entirely in the Nan District, Siam (Thailand), the film tells the story of a farmer and his family who have settled a small patch of land on the edge of the jungle.


Their survival and existence is a constant struggle against the many wild animals around them – bears, tigers and even chang (elephant in Thai).


At twenty years of age Bruno started playing didgeridoo and percussion as well as practicing mantra, experiencing personal transformation through sound and music.


In 2004 founded PazPazes – Multidisciplinary Organism of Human Cooperation, Formation and Development.


Through PazPazes, Bruno has created projects connected with spirituality, education, sound therapy, music, arts and culture, etc.


Promotes solo concerts as multi-instrumentalist and with other musicians. In 2020, at the second edition of Film Fest, Bruno, along with Li Cheong and Sunil Pariyar, played live the score for Cave of the Spider Women.

Bruno Teixeira
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