Mão Morta Redux

The mythical Portuguese band needs no introduction, presenting a cine-concert in reduced format with Miguel Pedro, Adolfo Luxúria Canibal and Rafael Machado.

Hardly their first incursion into the creation of original music for films, the band, invited by the Vila do Conde Short Film Festival, had in 2009 already ventured in scoring 4 short-films by North American experimental filmmaker Maya Deren, released on record and DVD under the title “Rituais Transfigurados”.

In 2019, using their reduced format, the band once again worked on the creation of an original film score, this time for the feature film “The House on Trybnaya”, by Boris Barnet, which they since have showcased on the most diverse settings.


Invited by the City Hall of Setúbal, the band will present us with the absolute premiere of their musical scoring of the film “Satanic Rhapsody”, by Nino Oxilia, purposely created for this year’s edition of Film Fest – Live Score Film Festival.



Jorge Salgueiro, Portuguese composer and conducter born in 1969.


Tonal and atonal contemporary music. Over 300 works: 7 symphonies, 12 operas, music for symphony orchestra, concert band, chamber, for children, theater, ballet and cinema.


Was composer in The Portuguese Navy Band (2000-2010) and Portuguese Symphonic Band (2017/8) and currently he’s member of the O Bando Theater artistic direction, composer in residence at “Foco Musical” (music for children) and artistic director of Setúbal Voz Choir and Setúbal Opera Company.

Helena Silva pic 1.jpg


Helena Silva uses only the violin and a loopstation to create themes that move between contemporary minimalism and acoustic experimentation.

With a unique footprint in Portugal, Helena Silva has already worked in venues such as Casa da Música, CCB, Coliseu do Porto, Teatro Aveirense, Teatro Sá de Miranda and Theatro Circo, in addition to having accompanied Antony and the Johnsons in the liturgical show performed at NOS Primavera Sound 2015.

In recent years, in addition to having been part of the band Indignu, she has also collaborated, on record and live, with Grutera and Gobi Bear.




Guitar player, Composer and Director, worked with Janek Pfeifer, Olga Roriz, Pierre Hebert, Pedro Rodrigues, Jan Kuta, Elitza Mladenova, Miguel Gonçalves Mendes, among others.

As a cinema live score composer stand out the soundtracks of “Quatro Elementos”, de Janek Pfeifer, “Foi o Fio", by Patrícia Figueiredo, and “A Sesta”, for the instalation “Arquiteturas de Palco", by João Mendes Ribeiro with choreography by Olga Roriz.

As a Director, developed short films “Antes que a noite venha – falas de Antígona”, which won several international prizes, “Drama” (vídeo clip), “Miragem” e “Fios de tempo”.




A body of musicians based on exploration and complicities between its members, testing and adjusting instrumental and style approaches, according to the performances’ places and contexts. A process of exploration which has developed throughout several editions of the “Space Festival”, ending up as basis for several projects that since have visited all main venues in Portugal. Crossing several artistic genres, focusing particularly on the film-concert format. Venturing on family-friendly and educational productions, having dealt with areas like mathematics, the environment, or the collective memory of a specific territory.

Tó Trips__pedro.polónio.jpg


Tó Trips is, admittedly, one of the most interesting Portuguese musicians of the last decades.


From the hectic times of “Amen Sacristi” and the memorable “Lulu Blind”, to “Dead Combo”, passing through the solo experiences of “Guitarra 66” and, more recently, of “Guitarra Makaka”, Tó Trips has been present in the most innovative and exciting projects of the imagination national alternative musical.

Listening to his music is plunging ourselves in a journey through the world's music. The songs that marked him — and so many others that he was discovering — at the pace of a curiosity that age has sharpened. A journey without pre-defined directions, which takes us as quickly to punk/hardcore or jazz, as to Paredes' guitar, but always with a common thread – the sounds that influenced his composition.



Filipe Raposo has a Bachelor degree in Classical Composition by Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, a Master in Piano Jazz Performance by Royal College of Music (Stockholm). 

Since 2001 he has worked as a composer, arranger, and pianist with many of the leading European orchestra´s names in Portuguese music and cinema. He collaborates regularly with the major songwriters: Sérgio Godinho, José Mário Branco, Fausto, Vitorino, Janita Salomé, Amélia Muge, Camané, Carminho, Maria João.

Furthermore, he has accompanied silent movies since 2004 at Portuguese Cinemateca in Lisbon and has recorded DVDs “Lisboa Crónica Anedótica” and “O Táxi nº 9297” with original soundtrack.

By invitation of the celebration of 125 years of Teatro São Luiz, he recently wrote a new soundtrack for the film METROPOLIS for chamber orchestra (Orquestra Sinfónica Portuguesa).




Charlie Mancini is part of a new generation of silent film revivalists, providing an exceptional experience that takes the audience to the silent era of cinema, as if it were a journey through time.


The instruments used include the piano, various keyboards, electric guitar, and some electronic elements. The music to support the moving images is sometimes improvised, accompanying the projection and all the action and dynamics of the films.

He has been composing soundtracks since 2005 for independent films, such as the 2016 documentary “Mar de Sines”, directed by Diogo Vilhena, winner of the price Best Ethnographic Film” at the International Festival of Ethnographic Film of Recife, Brazil.


In addition, he created the soundtrack and sound design for the play “Insekto” based on Franz Kafka's Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis.




Gonçalo Simões is a regular composer and musician at the Live Score Film Festival, having performed with his original scores to the film “Shoes, by Lois Weber” in 2019 and to the film “Filibus, by Mario Roncoroni” in 2020.


Gonçalo studied with António Menéres Barbosa before being admitted at the Lisbon Superior School of Music, studying piano, having graduated under the guidance of Jorge Moyano (piano), Olga Prats and Fernando Fontes (chamber music).


Gonçalo Simões was invited, after graduating, to work as accompanying pianist at the same school until 2010.

Participated in several piano and chamber music masterclasses and courses with Irina Vinogradova, Jörg Dëmus, Vitaly Margulis, Jura Margulis, Luiz de Moura Castro, Manuela Gouveia, Helena Sá e Costa, Ralf Nattkemper, Avedis Kouyoumdjian, Agne Stepina, Jiri Tomasek, Jeanette Fávaro-Reuter and Walter Moore.



Sara Ribeiro

A Negra__LinoSilva.jpg

A Negra – Sara Ribeiro is a multifaceted artist with a proven path as an actress, dividing herself between the João Garcia Miguel Theater Company – CJGM and other artistic projects as a singer and performer.

Her work and life move between the performing arts, music and poetry. A path that oscillates on risk, chaos, and the magic of meeting the public. In the last 8 years, she has developed an intense work as a multidisciplinary actress and creator, stepped on many of the important stages in Portugal and several theaters and festivals in Europe, South America, and Africa, especially on tours with CJGM in Brazil and recent performances in Angola.

At the same time, Sara Ribeiro has emerged in the most diverse contexts as a singer and performer, marking audiences and specialized critics all over the world.