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October 15th | 9.30pm
Cinema Charlot


Music and live score

Von Calhau!
Marta Ângela . João Alves

Um Corpo Estranho
João Mota . Pedro Franco

The life and death of 9413, a Hollywood extra

Robert Florey & Slavko Vorkapich

USA, 1927, 14 min.

Print: Light Cone Films

Music and live score by Von Calhau!

The love of Zero

Robert Florey & William Cameron Menzies

USA, 1928, 16 min.

Print: Light Cone Films

Music and live score by Von Calhau!

Robert Florey is the supreme instance in the silent era of a professional filmmaker whose dissatisfaction with commercial assignments led him into parallel work as an avant-garde independent.


Earning a high salary as assistant to the era’s top directors - Henry King, King Vidor and Josef von Sternberg, he began experimenting with his own short films.


First to be shown publicly was the small masterpiece of expressionist satire “The life and death of 9413, a Hollywood extra”.


In “The love of Zero”, made only with $200, shows much of the German Expressionist influence of “The cabinet of Dr. Caligari”. It was Florey’s second film and reveals the talent he would employ in his long and successful career as a Hollywood director.


Lightcone Films


The Railrodder

Gerald Potterton

CAN, 1965, 24 min.

Print: NFB - National Film Board of Canada

Music and live score by Um Corpo Estranho

After being seduced by a big tourist advertisement in the newspaper, Buster Keaton decides to visit Canada. He does so instantly, swimming, until he reaches the shore of the destined country.

This short film from director Gerald Potterton (Heavy Metal) stars Buster Keaton in one of the last films of his long career.


As "The railrodder", Keaton crosses Canada from east to west on a railway track speeder, crossing authentic and breath-taking landscapes.


True to Keaton's genre, the film is full of sight gags as our protagonist putt-putts his way to British Columbia.


Not a word is spoken throughout, and Keaton is as spry and ingenious at fetching laughs as he was in the old days of the silent slapsticks.

NFB - National Film Board of Canada

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