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Osvaldo, de Ub Iwerks


3 november . 4 pm

Cinema Charlot – Auditório Municipal

Eric Goldber and Ub Iwerks

USA, 1927-1928, 40 min., M/4

music and live score



Miguel Assis (TAS – Teatro Animação de Setúbal)

The mechanical cow (1927, 6’)

Oh, Teacher (1927, 5’)

In the Navy (1927, 7’)

Ocean Hop (1927, 6’)

Hungry Hobos (1928, 5’)

Spooks (1927, 6’)

Sick cylinders (1928, 5’)

The “Alice Comedies” series, which we’ve presented in 2022, was very popular with critics and audiences alike, when they came out in 1923, but by 1927 the novelty of a live-action girl in a cartoon world had worn off.


Disney and his best animator Ub Iwerks re-worked Julius (the cat from Alice) into a rabbit named Oswald and, in 1927, the first of 26 Oswald shorts was premiered.


Disney was an experienced natural-born storyteller and instinctively knew the shorts would be more successful if Oswald was more than a bystander.


Accordingly, humour arose from situations created for Oswald’s world and his reactions to them. The quality of the animation was also superior to other studios’ work, mainly because of Iwerks’s technical expertise and his skill at drawing perspective.

Joana Rolo


Joana Rolo

Joana Rolo is a Portuguese pianist based in the Netherlands. She is a multifaceted pianist, who studied in Lisbon, Krakow, and Rotterdam with Jean-Bernard Pommier, Aquiles Delle Vigne, Ewa Bukojemska, and Bart van de Roer. A fine interpreter of Bach, Scarlatti, Schubert, and Mozart, she is constantly expanding her repertoire through an increasing interest in improvisation and contemporary music. In addition to being a performer, Joana is passionate about and has been dedicated to the cause of arts education from early in her career. She has conducted several teaching training projects in the fields of music and dance in Nepal, Mozambique, and Myanmar, and is always looking for new opportunities to raise the profile and visibility of the arts. With opera singer Elvire de Paiva e Pona she has founded "Vocalini", a project whose goal is to make opera singing accessible to children around the world. Joana is also the artistic director of a street music festival taking place in Lisbon and named “Músicas de Uma Noite de Verão''.

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