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O Barão Aventureiro


1 november . 9.30 pm

Cinema Charlot – Auditório Municipal

Karel Zeman

Czechoslovakia, 1962, 84 min., M/6


script . Karel Zeman

prints . Karel Zeman Museum

music and live score

Philippe Lenzini

cinematography . Karel Zeman

animations . Arnošt Kupčík, František Krčmář, Jindřich Liška

editing . Věra Kutilová​

sound . František Strangmüller

cast . Jan Werich, Jana Brejchová, Karel Höger, Milos Kopecký, Rudolf Jelínek

O Barão Aventureiro
O Barão Aventureiro
O Barão Aventureiro

The masterpiece from the Czech director is an exhilarating visual delight through a bygone age too entrancing to have existed.

Karel Zeman conjures the adventures of the legendary, boastful baron, whose whirlwind exploits take him from the moon to eighteenth-century Turkey to the belly of a whale and beyond.

A kaleidoscopic marvel that blends live action with techniques including stop-motion, cut-out collage, puppetry, painted backdrops, and antique tinting.

In this unique treatment of the famous book by Gottfried August Bürger, Zeman was inspired by engravings used in the original edition from the hand of one of the most important illustrators of the 19th century, Gustave Doré.

Muzeum Karla Zemana

Philippe Lenzini


Philippe Lenzini

Philippe Lenzini is a French musician, composer and producer, based in Lisbon, working in various projects ranging from live and recorded music to scores for cinema, dance and theatre.

He started his career with the band Dirty District, which marked the alternative French rock scene of the late 90s.

He has since been playing and recording alongside numerous artists such as Ian Simmonds, Alison Goldfrapp, Martin Glover, Lofofora, Bazbaz, Moskokids, amongst others.

He is a member of the London-Lisbon based improvisation collective Orchestra Elastique, and most recently started a Lisbon-based band Jacarandá with fellow musician Alban Hall.

He writes music for films, as well as commercials and promos.

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