A Princesa das Ostras
Trio jazz
A Princesa das Ostras
Luís Filipe Martins
A Princesa das Ostras - The Oyster Princess
Luís Barrigas
A Princesa das Ostras - The Oyster Princess
Jorge Moniz
A Princesa das Ostras | Poster



Ernst Lubitsch

Live score by Luís Filipe Martins (bass), Luís Barrigas (keyboards) e Jorge Moniz (drums)

15.10 | 9:30 pm | Cinema Charlot – Auditório Municipal

Romantic comedy about the wedding of the spoiled daughter of an American millionaire who doesn't go as planned.

Exuberant and with a sophisticated use of film language resources for comedy and eroticism, the film is considered by Lubitsch himself to be the first to present sketches of his personal touch known as “The Lubitsch Touch”, traces of what would become landmarks. of the director.

It is in the characterization of the whimsical princess character and the fabulous construction of the script, or in the eroticism of Ossi's bath scene. If his entire work stages a voyeur's desire, Lubitsch introduces here the common element in his cinematographic work, the indiscretion through the keyhole.


Original Title "Die austernprinzessinm" Director Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Country Germany Year 1919 Duration 58’ Cast Ossi Oswalda, Victor Janson, Harry Liedtke, Julius Falkenstein Script Hanns Kräly, Ernst Lubitsch Photography Theodor Sparkuhl Production Projektion-AG Live score by Luís Barrigas, Jorge Moniz e Luís Filipe Martins