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Dan Duyu

Live score by Bruno Teixeira Trio (Bruno Teixeira, Sunil Pariyar and Cheong Li)

10.10 | 9:30 pm | Cinema Charlot - Auditório Municipal

Based on an episode of the sixteenth century Ming Dynasty fable “Journey to the West” by Wu Cheng’en, Cave of the Spider Women follows the monk Xuanzang (Jiang Meikang) and his three guardian disciples, the Monkey King (Wu Wenchao), Pigsy (Zhou Hongquan), and Sandy (Zhan Jiali), as they embark on a quest to find some holy scriptures for Emperor Tsi Tsung.


Surviving films from the silent era in China are rare. Destruction from wars, government censorship, neglect, and deterioration have taken a sizable toll, so the recent discovery of The Cave of the Spider Women (Pan si dong) from 1927 is a cause for celebration. Even missing its opening scene and a sequence in the middle, the film remains frenetic and entertaining. It was a major commercial success and a career milestone for painter-turned-filmmaker Dan Duyu. The film’s plot blends drama, fantasy adventure, and choreographed action, as well as slapstick of irreverent visual gags.



Original Title"Pan Si Dong" Director Dan Duyu Country China Year 1927 Duration 60’
Cast Yin Mingzhu, Xia Peizhen, Wu Wenchao, Jiang Meikang Screenplay Guan Ji'na, based on “Journey to the West”, of Wu Cheng'e Live score by Bruno Teixeira Trio (Bruno Teixeira, Sunil Pariyar and Cheong Li)

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